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Some advice about the best way to move on after a Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby break up.

How To Mend A Broken Heart

We've all had our heart broken at some time and it's a horrible thing to have to experience. If a relationship that you thought had so much potential doesn't work out you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back online. There is always someone new just around the corner or in the world of online dating, just on the next page... a click or two away! For a fast recovering from heartbreak, here is some advice to get you back in the dating game.


If you are a Sugar Daddy who has lost his Sugar Babe remember there are plenty more sugarbabies in the sugar dating sea! If the relationship has come to an end you need to accept that it wasn't making your Sugar Babe happy. Don't beat yourself up over it, think carefully about why the relationship went sour and how you can do things differently next time. There will be another Sugar Babe who thinks your perfect and you need to get online and find her.


If you're a Sugar Baby who got ditched by her Sugar Daddy have a good cry, and patch up the damaged ego by reminding yourself that you are fabulous and a millionaire is going to snap you up in no time. Take a shopping trip or eat some chocolate but be careful not to spend too much without the help of your Sugar Daddy to pay your credit card for you and also don't comfort eat too much because you will get out of shape and have difficulty find a new sugardaddy.


Break-ups suck, but the reality is that Sugardaddies and Sugarbabies have an advantage over other single people. They know how to see the bigger picture and they are capable of going online and getting what they want instead of sitting around moaning about how hard life is and waiting for luck to land in their lap. Go getters lke sugardaddies and sugarbabies are never goung to without a date for long.


See the end of the relationship as an opportunity for an exciting time with someone new and who knows where that could lead to.

"I will never recover... my heart is broken into l00 pieces"