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Making the first move can be challenging, especially online... so here's some advice to get you that first date.

Chat Up Lines & Ice-Breakers

Choose how you break the ice carefully because first impressions count for a lot especially when dating online.


Coming across like someone who is patronising, rude, desperate or sleazy is never going to get you a first date, let alone a second or third. has consulted a few Sugar Babies to pick the best chat up lines around so that you can find success in your online dating efforts. Here are some great pick-up lines that have a good success rate if you put your twist on them and tailor the pick up line to suit the woman you are using it on, no-one is impressed by a line they've heard many times before.


"Your profile picture is stunning, you look so happy and great fun, I'm intrigued and would like to get to know you."


"Your eyes are beautiful, I'd like to take you out to dinner..."


"I see that we both like Sushi, have you ever been to - best place in your city - I would like to take you..."


"I'm looking forward to *Name Here* movie, fancy watching it together?


"Is that really you in the photo? I can’t believe how gorgeous you are, seeing would be believing, can I take you out?"


Basically if you want to get the best response from a sugar baby, you need to make her feel special and not just 1 of 50 other women you've messaged the same thing to. Our selection on non-sleazy pick up lines should give you ideas but an original, thoughtful and fun ice-breaker that comes from the heart  will always be a hit.


Bad Sugar Daddy pick-up lines >

"No cheesy

or obnoxious chat up lines please!"