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How many Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babes is too many and is there even such a thing as too much Sugar?

How Many Sugar Daddies

Can You Manage at once?

"First there was Jake, he was everything that I wanted in a man, rich, older and hardly ever around... leaving me with all the time (and money) in the world to pamper myself and shop! Life was bliss. Then on an uneventful rainy day, my curiosity got the better of me and I had a little snoop online... the dating site where I had met Jake, is where all the real millionaires are to be found... the type of man that is not only filthy rich but knows how to treat a lady. I wasn't surprised to see my inbox flooded with private messages from some very attractive men, even though I had not been online for quite a few months while spending time exclusively with Jake. One message caught my eye, it was from Karl a city banker who was taking time out from work to travel the world. He invited me to join him for dinner while he was travelling through London and I just thought ... 'why on earth not?'. To cut a long story short, Karl was a wonderful man and I really enjoyed my time with him and promised to see him again soon.


I informed Jake that we would no longer be in an exclusive Sugar Daddy relationship, I wasn't looking for commitment and I didn't need anything serious at this time in my life. Jake was a little disappointed but once he realised this meant he had the green card to meet a few new Sugar Babes ~ without losing me ~ he seemed to perk up. So eventually I had about 10 wealthy Sugar Daddies who I would spend quality time with whenever our schedules allowed. It was fun at first but then I started getting their names mixed up, which is never going to go down well in the midst of a passionate romp. I also felt like I lived in the business class lounge, I was always flying somewhere and the lifestyle although exciting began to feel more like hard work and that's something that I will never get accustomed to.


I decided I had to say goodbye to quite a few of my Sugar Daddies, (starting with the ones that bought me cheap gifts). The saying less is more and quality over quantity rings true for me and now I only have 3 Sugar Daddies, a perfectly manageable number." Lindsay ~ Sugar Babe Extroadinaire




"I have so many Sugar Daddies and I'm terrible with names..."