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What does a Sugar Babe need to do to keep her Sugar Daddy happy? What do Sugar Daddies really expect from a mutually beneficial relationship with a Sugar Baby?

What Sugar Daddies Want

Sugar Daddies have every right to be clear about what they want out of their Sugar Daddy arrangement. The whole relationship is based on a mutually beneficial arrangement, so of course both parties must be clear about what they want from each other.


Not being open and honest about your needs and desires in a relationship will ultimately result in things not working out. This is a great shame because a Sugar Daddy relationship is one that has every reason to work out and everybody should be a winner!


"A Sugar Daddy Arrangement is a 'win-win' situation, and if it's not... then get out and move on!"


Sugar Daddies want a woman who understands and respects his needs. She is in control of her emotions, she knows that a Sugar Daddy relationship rarely ends in marriage and babies. Most Sugar Daddies have already been there and got the t-shirt and are unlikely to want to do it all over again.


A Sugar Baby should be fun! She should give her older man adventure, excitement and a break from the stresses of his life and work. A Sugar Baby should be a 'breath of fresh air' for her wealthy benefactor. She won't nag him or demand more of his time than he is able to give. She understands that he will have other commitments and she is fine with this. She sees the fact that they can't be together all the time as a bonus. There is no bigger passion killer than being with the same person day in and day out. The best way to keep a Sugar Daddy happy is to not give him everything! Stay mysterious, fill your time when you are not with your Sugar Daddy with fun and exciting things. Never sit around waiting for your Sugar Daddy to call. This is boring and 'needy' and the opposite of what a Sugar Babe is all about.




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